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Validating chiropractic

University-based chiropractic schools have been established in several nations [], and the scholarly works of chiropractors are now much more widely disseminated in chiropractic and non-chiropractic periodicals.

The profession may look upon these developments and say with some pride that, indeed, there is a small but meaningful scientific literature in chiropractic [] observed that "clinical studies of the effectiveness of spinal manipulation are conducted and reported without reference to the presence or absence or even the existence of subluxations". Palmer's mediating variable remains a "bone of contention" between many chiropractors and the scientific community, as well as among chiropractors themselves.

The traditional chiropractic lesion has not been the focus of systematic clinical research for the purpose of determining its meaningfulness (or lack thereof).

In the absence of scientific validation, the propagation of unsubstantiated claims for many chiropractors favorite mediating variable is an obstacle to scientific credibility and cultural authority for the profession.

In the years since, some members of the profession have developed scientific skills, and a literature bearing on the usefulness of spinal manipulation, generated by chiropractors and others, has evolved [e.g., [.


Acceptable as hypothesis, the widespread assertion of the clinical meaningfulness of this notion brings ridicule from the scientific and health care communities and confusion within the chiropractic profession.As we all know, regardless of which type of doctor you consult, only the body can heal itself. The chiropractic subluxation and subluxation-related beliefs permeate the practice of chiropractic, the marketing rhetoric offered by many chiropractors, the legal and political strategies pursued by various trade associations, and the sense of identity for many in the profession...all this for a hypothetical construct whose relevance for health and illness has yet to be established.We believe that an evidence-orientation among chiropractors requires that we distinguish between subluxation dogma vs.subluxation as the potential focus of clinical research.

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Adjustments are usually painless, and enjoyable, because the improved mobility is usually immediately noticeable, and the health benefits are noticed soon after.