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Dating powered by vbulletin 3 8 6

or is it judged mostly by the intentions of the two parties involved? Unfortunately due to her mom getting ill she was unable to go to this date so we had to reschedule some other time.

I said this was fine since it's family and I'd pr Hi guys, need some advice.

Coating started in 1952 (V), this lens is uncoated... According to these catalogs ( Meyer doesn't think so. This proves that my shutter is the original one to my lens... Roth the Meyer distributors in the UK listed the coverage stopped down one year, I think for the f9 version. The 8cm f9 WW though is listed as covering Quarter plate at full aperture as you know, it should just cover 10x15 stopped right down, Meyer are using coverage in terms of acceptable sharpness/resolution which is slightly arbitrary without testing and differs from the field of illumination which Dan mentions.

Lens was posessed by a West German businessman, maybe even bought new by him (could be, they definitely had enough money even in the bad times after the war... The lens is newer as to the time of the cataloge they only had the f9/Aristostigmat I found this link and picture Kf which has nearly the same serial as mine and also the exactly same shutter!

I tried to disregard and be understanding as to the loss in his sex drive.

He later told me that he had started masturbating and uses porn.

So, Ive been in a relationship with this 26 year old man for a few months now (I'm 28 years old)...

We shall cal So, I tried to summarize, but this is a long story.

He is 35 years old and doesn't have kids and has never been married.

My only friends and h So there's this guy who I've had feelings for since I've met him (7 months ago) and he has made it clear from the beginning that he doesn't want to be anything more than friends but we still sleep together.

We're both gamers, we met online and kept meeting up to maintain our relationship.

Okay so I go to church with my family every Sunday. Honestly the guy is a loser, he doesn't drive, h Hey, For those of you who hate feet, this thread isn't for you.

Well my mom has a friend who goes there and her sons are hot. I've noticed that one of them has been staring at me first thought it's all in my head right bc he's There is a relatively new person I work with and they have been making work a living hell sometimes. I wanted to ask fellow foot fetish people who are single, how they cope with having such a fetish?

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Ian The 1931 BJP Almanac Meyer advert states the 80mm (3 1/8") f9 Meyer WA covers up to 10x15 and 3x5" at full aperture, it's a bit ambiguous as it doesn't say the maximum coverage is when stopped right dowm.