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Prteen nudes camp sex

Just part of the "naturalist" experience.-------------------Scarleteen Sexpert"Glad to have a friend like you, And glad to just be me"-Carol Hall Just as an added thought: our culture is such that it equates nudity with sex, even though, in all truth, there's really no reason to do that, because we're nude from the minute we're born, we're nude in a ton of nonsexual situations, and heck, we may not even often be nude in sexual situations.As an interesting sidenote, as an erotic artist and photographer, one of the things I've noticed in response to my own work as well as to most of that through art history, is that people's sexual response to fully NUDE work is far less than it is to partially-clothed subjects.I'd rather just send my kids to summer school or an educational program instead.------------------Summertime, and the living's easy... Like Gumdrop Girl said, I would be worried about possible sex offenders getting past the gates and taunting my children.

Other than that, I don't see a problem with other folks sending their kids to nudist summer camp if that's what the children really want.I was reading an article today on the AOL Welcome screen about Teen Nude camps and how their becoming really popular. I read the article in the NYTimes since I am not an AOHell member.Its like a summer camp, you do sports and stuff but youre nude. Now I would personally never go to one of these nor would i ever send one of my kids there if I had one. ,their set up so kids can get past the awarkdness of being a teenager. The camp in the article was in Florida, if I am not mistaken.And in terms of the pathology of sex abusers, again, you're likely to see far less response to open nudity than you would in a normal, clothed everyday situation. I hope to raise any I had to be comfortable with themselves and other people in terms of nudity.So, had I kids, I don't think I'd be pushing them to go to something like this, because I'd hope I'd reared them to be comfortable with their bodies, nude and otherwise, well before that age. I don't see that I'd likely have an objection.------------------Heather Corinna Editor and Founder, Scarleteen My epitaph should read: "She worked herself into this ground."-- Kay Bailey Hutchinson I'm about to turn 19, so I couldn't go to a camp like that, but if they had one for my age range, I'd certainly do it - it sounds like a great way to get over bodily insecurities and the social insanity that our culture has developed about sex and nudity. At my college, skinny-dipping in the fountain is a Tradition, and it's been a great way for me to get overy my lingering insecurities. Tim, I think you'd get used to seeing naked girls pretty quickly, if everyone around you was nude most of the time.

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Even though I'm attracted to women - and indeed to some of the women I go swimming with - it's not a sexual situation, and while I find it very beautiful to watch us all playing in the water, people running around sans clothing is not necessarily something that will arouse me or anyone else. It has to be the right situation for most people for nudity to be sexual.

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