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crossbreeds lived longer than average but several pure breeds lived longer than cross breeds, notably Jack Russell, miniature poodles and whippets" (thus only small and toy breeds, as to be expected).Many breeders of designer dogs take advantage of the fact that people are impressed by a pet that they believe offers them an elevated social status, such as other "designer" goods do.

These dogs could be considered only as cross breeds, not as designer animals, since appearance is not the main reason for them to be bred."It's human nature to aspire to own something a little different, a little fancy or in short supply." is only one strategy breeders can use to decrease the incidences of genetic defects.Knowing the disease incidence in the breed, and the genetic history of the individual, is ultimately important in dog breeding.Often even pups in the same litter will look quite different.Another defining characteristic of designer dogs is that they are usually bred as companions and pets.

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For unbred dogs, dogs of unknown origin, or unintentional mixed-breed origin, see Mixed breed dog.

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